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High quality products of dust extraction, extraction and filtration systems in industrial operations

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We are constantly innovating our products in response to the suggestions of our partners.

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We publish all data for our products2D and 3D format for incorporation into your projects.

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Industrial extraction is a specific field that requires quality technology and professional implementation.

G&G Filter
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Quarry dedusting

Using this type of a filtration device is ideal for applications with non-sticky dust and where is problem producing compressed…

Flue gas filter for energy

The G&G Ceramic JET filter is equipped with ceramic filter rods with a temperature resistance of 1200°C. It is directly…

We are G&G filtration

G&G is engaged in the development and production of industrial air extraction and filtration products. G&G was founded jointly by Ing. Radek Veselý and Ing. Miloš Gregor because of the sole goal of manufacturing filter technology for international markets.

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