Mechanical repairs of filter units

Mechanical repairs of filter units

Our service staff performs mechanical repairs of filtration systems. Mechanical damage occurs mainly due to the extraction of abrasive dust and high extraction speeds. The most common damage occurs due to abrasion of air handling units in the suction pipe, damage to the hopper of filter units or entire parts of filter units. Preparation for repair is provided by our designers, who map, measure and model the parts needed for repair. All preparation takes place in 3D modeling so that we can be sure that the newly manufactured parts will be compatible by replacing damaged parts. We produce new parts to measure in our own production plant. The actual implementation of the repair then takes place after a term agreement with the investor.

Repair of filter hoppers and filter housings

Filter hoppers are often damaged when the suction line opens directly into the pyramidal filter hopper. The extracted dust together with the flowing air form air currents inside the hopper, which result in excessive wear of the hopper areas. When the hopper is worn, dust escapes and accumulates in the space around the filter. In case of local damage, the hopper can be repaired by welding a steel plate, but if it is not only local damage and the walls of the hopper are weakened by abrasive dust, it is necessary to manufacture and replace the entire hopper.

Repairs of damaged pipes

A frequent repair is the replacement of damaged piping. Abrasive dust extraction pipes suffer from the effects of abrasive wear, which most often occurs in the elbows and branches. Employees of our design department measure the damaged part of the pipeline, model the parts needed for replacement and then produce the material in our own production plant. We will carry out the repair after a term agreement with the operator.