ASF filter self-diagnostic system

ASF filter self-diagnostic system

Do you operate a filtration plant on which your production technology depends? In the event of any failure of the filtration technology, are you forced to shut down the production line? Is the cleanliness of the working environment so important to you that you cannot afford unplanned outages of filtration technology? We have the ideal ASF Self-Diagnostic Filter System for you.

filter self-diagnostic system

What is the benefit of ASF?

The ASF is used for continuous monitoring of the state of the filter unit, comparison of measured parameters and indication of unnatural states. The system works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. The benefit of ASF is the timely indication of an impending failure, which would result in an emergency shutdown of the filtration system and thus reduce the operator’s production. The ASF system fully replaces the constant presence of a service technician. When an impending fault is indicated, the system automatically informs the operator and the assigned service worker who will come to correct a specific future fault.

filter self-diagnostic system

How does it work?

A set of sensors is installed to the operated filtration system, and connected to the ASF control unit, which continuously evaluates the measured data. The ASF system does not control anything, nor does it interfere with the function of the filtration system. It is only a continuous monitoring of operating parameters and a warning or warning of non-standard operating conditions. The data sent is archived on the SQL server. The user can look at the history of the record at any time and check the function of the system.

filter self-diagnostic system

What parameters can ASF monitor?

The individual parameters monitored by the ASF system may differ for different applications. These are mainly important operating values, which are standardly checked once during a physical visit by a service technician during service diagnostics.

We monitor the performance parameters of the filtration system.

  • The volume of exhaust air
  • The suction line under pressure, differential pressure and discharge line overpressure
  • The Exhaust air temperature before and after the filter

We monitor fan parameters.

  • Bearing temperature
  • Fan rotor vibration

We monitor the regeneration function.

  • Compressed air consumption
  • Influence of after-cleaning regeneration on the decrease of pressure loss

We monitor the filtering ability.

  • By measuring dust in the path of filtered air
  • We monitor the dust removal function.
  • The rotary valve and screw conveyors speed monitoring.
  • The rotary valve tightness monitoring
  • Monitoring the level of dust in the hopper


We monitor the energy costs of the filtration system.

  • Monitoring of electricity consumption
  • Compressed air consumption monitoring
filter self-diagnostic system

What faults can ASF prevent?

The number of detectable faults depends on the number and type of sensors installed and varies for different applications. In the full equipment of the operator’s system, we inform about the following non-standard states:

  • Warning of low suction power – indication of insufficient suction in the technology
  • Exhaust air temperature warning – Indication of possible damage to the filter medium
  • Warning of high or low vacuum in the suction line – indication of improper suction
  • Warning of high overpressure of the exhalation tract – indication of clogging of the exhalation sleeve
  • Warning of a malfunctioning dust removal system
  • Warning of high pressure loss of the filter medium – indication of insufficient regeneration
  • Warning of high dust behind the filter – indication of damaged filter medium
  • Warning of high compressed air consumption – indication of damaged regeneration valve
  • Warning of increased temperature behind the filter – indication of incipient burning in the filter
  • Warning of increased fan vibrations – indication of damage by the fan company
  • Warning for increased temperature of motor bearings – indication of damage to motor bearings
  • Warning of high electricity consumption – indication of uneconomical operation of the system
filter self-diagnostic system

What extraction technologies can ASF be installed on?

The self-diagnostic filter system is fully applicable to any central exhaust system installed by any supplier, manufactured by any manufacturer.

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How to apply ASF?

Contact us. Our technicians will prepare an ASF system offer tailored to your technology. The ASF system can also be supplemented with comprehensive service services as part of ensuring the operation of filtration technology.