Service of filtration devices is for us as important as selling or installation of new extraction devices. We approach service activities professionally – we deal with keeping records of filter service history and also improving the ASF system, filter self-diagnostic system, which automatically predicts future machine faults.  We perform service activities for our own products, but we also service filters from other manufacturers, to take comprehensive care of the client. Our service department provides also replacement of filter medium, dynamic balancing services for fans and mechanical repair of filter units.

Filter self-diagnostic system

ASF Self-Diagnostic Filter System

Do you operate a filtration plant on which your production technology depends? In the event of any failure of the filtration technology, are you forced to shut down the production line? Is the cleanliness of the working environment so important to you that you cannot afford unplanned outages of filtration technology? We have the ideal ASF Self-Diagnostic Filter System for you.
Replacement of filter medium

Replacement of filter medium

Our service department provides replacement of filter medium of our filters and also of filters from other manufacturers. We keep basic spare parts for G&G filters in stock, the spare parts for service of the other manufacturers we usually provide within one to two weeks. With the SERVIS 24 service contract variant, all necessary material is stored in our stock or in the client’s stock. When demand for immediate service, we do not address the need for service material, but only the timeline of the technicians’ arrival to the client. To negotiate a service contract, please contact us.
Mechanical repairs of filter units

Mechanical repairs of filter units

Our service staff performs mechanical repairs of filtration systems. Mechanical damage occurs mainly due to the extraction of abrasive dust and high extraction speeds. The most common damage occurs due to abrasion of air handling units in the suction pipe, damage to the hopper of filter units or entire parts of filter units. Preparation for repair is provided by our designers, who map, measure and model the parts needed for repair. All preparation takes place in 3D modeling so that we can be sure that the newly manufactured parts will be compatible by replacing damaged parts. We produce new parts to measure in our own production plant. The actual implementation of the repair then takes place after a term agreement with the investor.
balancing of fans

Dynamic balancing of fans

We focus on non-disassembly balancing of fan rotors. We balance transport fans and exhaust radial fans. We specialize in balancing fans in filtration systems directly at clients, in a non-disassembled manner.
Price list of service operations

Price list of service operations

Price list of basic service parts like filter pockets, filter bags, filter hoses and cartridges, distribution sleeves. Price list of basic operations and hourly rates of service technicians. Example of a developed service plan for operators of filtration technology.

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Aluminium Cutting – ExactCut, s.r.o.

Dedusting of large casting blasters – Slévárna Kuřim, a.s.

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G&G is engaged in the development and production of industrial air extraction and filtration products. G&G was founded jointly by Ing. Radek Veselý and Ing. Miloš Gregor because of the sole goal of manufacturing filter technology for international markets.

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