Transport of sawdust to silo

Partner: Transport of sawdust to silo

An important reference is the realization of the transport of sawdust into a distant silo.

The sawdust transport is equipped with a radial transport fan of our production for a distance of 150 meters and a cyclone separator with a rotary feeder of our production is used to separate sawdust.

The basic task for the technology was to ensure the possibility of filling two silos, between which there is a long-distance – about 150 meters. For the realization of the order, the transport of sawdust into the silo was used our shut-off flap, switch flap, cylindrical separators, transport fans and rotary feeders. The ducting is used in straight sections in reinforced spiro ducting in combination with welded elbows with long bend radius. All pipe joints are designed with flange joints so that pipe joints do not pose a risk of sawdust. Pipe conveying sawdust transport is equipped with inspection holes for the possibility of checking and eventual cleaning of the pipe branch. Installation of the technology was provided by our implementation component G&G filtration CZ, s.r.o. in cooperation with partner V-Dusting, s.r.o.

Transport fan

Our fans are designed for sawdust and dust extraction systems where the exhausted material passes through a transport fan. The most common use is in the system of pressurized dust extraction, where the exhaust of the transport fan is led to the filter device. Another common application is to extract wet sawdust using a cyclone separator in a pneumatic material transport system. The transport of sawdust is usually solved by means of transport fans. In certain cases, however, it is possible to use a vacuum conveying system for sawdust with the fan positioned downstream of the filter unit. For the transport of sawdust, we produce a series of transport fans with output from 3,0 kW to 18,5 kW.

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