Thermal insulation of pipes

Partner: Thermal insulation of pipes

We have completed orders for thermal insulation of pipelines. The thermal insulation of the pipes protects the user or operator from the risk of burns from the hot surfaces of the pipe parts.

At the same time, the thermal insulation of the pipeline prevents the gas from cooling inside the pipeline routes and contributes to reducing or eliminating the possibility of condensation of vapors on the inside of the pipeline routes.

For thermal insulation, we always proceed by calculating the thickness of the insulation from mineral wool or Sibral according to the temperature of the extracted gas.

As protection against damage to the insulation layer, we use galvanized sheet metal or aluminum sheet. The cover layer of the pipe sheeting is formed at the place of implementation from coils. For remote implementations (mostly outside the territory of the Czech Republic), we prepare custom-made sheeting in our production and then ship it as a LEGO system.

We realized our thermal insulation orders for the partner company TEPLOTECHNA PRŮMYSLOVÉ PECE, s.r.o.

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