Separation of cuttings using a rotary separator

Partner: Separation of cuttings using a rotary separator

For our client, we solved the problem of dust with the cutting press. We designed, manufactured and installed a rotary separator, which is located on its own steel structure directly above the entrance to the press. The press is equipped with its own vacuum pump, which sucks the cuttings from the intermediate tank.

The cuttings are separated on the inner screen of the separator, which is regenerated by the wiper blades of the separator rotor. The dust particles continue further into the filtration system. The cuttings fall down into the intermediate hopper below the separator. We develop products for the paper industry together with the partner company Golpretech Czech Republic

For the implementation, we used the RSGG type paper scraper manufactured by us – the intermediate hopper was constructed and designed to suit the given application. The result of our implementation is a dust-free space around the waste press.

Description of rotary separatores

Rotary separators are used for continuous separation of paper scraps from the extracted air. They are an important component of the application of extraction in printing operations. Paper scraps are captured on a perforated screen and continuously wiped using the separator rotor wiper blades. The rotor of the separator ensures, on the one hand, continuous wiping of the trapped cuttings and at the same time ensures the pressure separation of the cutting of the cuttings from the air-conditioning system. The separator is able to work in a continuous mode 24/7. The discharge of separated paper scraps is connected to a compacting or baling press as standard. The attachment of the paper cut separator is solved by placing it on the output channel by means of a connecting flange. In printing operations with a requirement for complete unattended operation, we propose waste treatment using a baling press or the use of two parallel paper separators with outlets for compacting presses. When using paper compactors, only one of the two installed separators is always running. When filling the container, the system automatically redirects the path of paper waste to the second separator using switch flaps.

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