Quarry dedusting

Partner: Quarry dedusting

Our significant reference is the filter equipment application for quarry dedusting. Filter unit made by G&G Filtration is named “G&G Fan BAG filter“ - equipped with atmospheric regeneration of filtrating medium. This means that the regeneration is done inside the filter box by using the regeneration troley and a high-pressure fan.

Using this type of a filtration device is ideal for applications with non-sticky dust and where is problem producing compressed air or where compressed air is even not available to be produced for JET Pulse regeneration.

Quarry dedusting done by atmospherically regenerated filter

The G&G Fan BAG filter is a filtration equipment designed for dust removal from quarries and their stone crushers, sorting seeves, transporting and loading technologies, packing plants etc. where is the problem producing compressed air or where compressed air is even not possible to be produced for JET Pulse regeneration. The filter is ideal for filtering dry, non-sticky dusts. Regeneration of the filter medium is ensured by an automatically sliding troley, which is located inside on the clean side of the filter. This trolley is part of regeneration which ensures cleaning of individual rows of filter pockets, placed on top over each other vertically, side by side horizontaly. The source of regeneration counterfolw  air is a high-pressure fan, which is located on the ceiling of the filtration device. Regeneration is done “online“ this means during operation of filter. When the end position is reached, the troley continues the regeneration cycle. After switching off the filter, the regeneration cycle will ending and will parking  the regeneration trolley after completing of two regeneration cycles. Parking is in position outside the area of ​​the filter elements.

Flat filter pockets

The filter elements are horizontally placed flat filter pockets, which are attached inside filter housing from front side and from the back side. A spring connection ensures a tight connection where the filter pocket is fitted between clean and dirty side. The filter device  is equipped with a pre-separation chamber, which ensures distribution of the air flow inside the filter unit with a ratio of 60% upperstream/40% downstream. 60% of the intake air is supplied to the filter housing at the top of the filter and 40% of the air to the bottom of the filter. At the same time, dusty particles are directly separated in the pre-separation chamber, from which are falling freely into the hopper and do not come into contact with the filter elements. The advantage of flat filter pockets is the great ratio of filter area versus filter box size.

Read more about the G&G Fan BAG filter here.

Implementation and assembly activities wil be provided by the implementation company V-dusting.

Other references

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