Production of silo for sawdust and wood chips

Partner: Production of silo for sawdust and wood chips

Example of silo production for sawdust and wood chips.

The silos we produce are equipped with a sawdust digging system using an auger discharge system. The silo is designed for the storage of sawdust and wood chips as an operational fuel supply for an automatic biomass boiler.

For the complex implementation of the project of processing, transport and storage of wood waste, our company provided the top tier components. The most important part of the project was the production of silos for the storage of sawdust and wood chips. We also used a transport fan and a cyclone separator from our production. As a part of a complex project, waste wood crushing was carried out. Subsequent transport of the chips to the silo, installation of a biomass boiler and connection to the investor’s heating system. As a general contractor, the implementation of the technology was ensured by the partner company GreMi KLIMA, s.r.o.

Silo for storing sawdust and wood chips

G&G silos of our production are used for the storage of small wood material such as sawdust, wood shavings and wood chips. The most common application of silos is to ensure the operational supply of fuel for the boiler room. Longer provision of operational stock of material for briquetting line or as material storage for waste dispatch. G&G silos are equipped with a screw discharge system in the bottom of the conical part of the hopper with a closing by means of a rotary feeder at the material outlet. For the silo filling, pneumatic material transport is most often used using a filtration device located on the silo ceiling. When transporting the chips, it is possible to use a cyclone separator located on the silo ceiling. G&G silos are equipped with relief membranes for the storage of explosive specks of dust, access ladders and ducts.

The silo production is always carried out according to the specific assignment of the investor. Depending on the client’s needs, we supply silos with a steel frame construction with underpass height for the truck. Placement on a concrete foundation with the subsequent material path to the boiler room, briquetting plant or for further processing is standard.

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