Modernization of silo aspiration

Partner: Modernization of silo aspiration

Our implementation of the contract "modernization of silo aspiration" is divided into the following areas:

  • aspiration of upper traffic routes in a silo with a capacity of 12,600 m3 / h
  • aspiration of lower transport routes in the force of 11,000 m3 / h
  • aspiration of pre-treatment plant and grain treatment plant 6,000 m3 / h

In the modernization of silo aspiration, all existing aspirations (air ducts, fans, centrifugal separators, etc.) were dismantled in their entirety. Each circuit was equipped with its own G&G Jet BAG filter with integrated fan. All filters were installed on the 8th floor of the engine room.

Regeneration of the filter cloth is performed automatically by countercurrent compressed air. Each filter is equipped with a control unit and a differential filter of the pressure loss of the filter, which gives an impulse to regenerate when the set pressure loss is reached. The waste dump is solved by means of a rotary feeder and connected to the existing waste paths.

The implementation also included extensive disassembly of the existing cyclone separators, which were placed on the steel structure from the outside of the silo. Climbers with the assistance of a truck crane were used for dismantling. The climbers also dismantled part of the roof of the building, where an opening was created used to remove dismantled parts of the technology and launch new filter units and fans into the engine room. The whole process of disassembly and assembly of technology was technically very demanding on the organization of assembly, which was provided for us by the partner company V-Dusting.

Used filter units type G&G Jet BAG

G&G Jet BAG filter units are textile filter units equipped with automatic regeneration of the filter medium by means of countercurrent compressed air. From experience from individual applications, the service life of the filter medium reaches more than 20,000 operating hours, without the need for any manual cleaning. The filter media are flat, smooth sleeves made of non-woven fabric with a basis weight of 550 g / m2. The filter medium does not contain folds in which dust would settle. At the same time, it is very mechanically resistant to tearing or abrasion. The value of the residual flight of dust particles ranges from 0.25 mg / m3 to 5 mg / m3 depending on the dust extracted. The filtration device is equipped with either a waste container with a volume of 50 liters, or a waste dump via a rotary feeder into the BIG-BAG, or in a design according to specific demand. We also produce G&G Jet BAG filters in a design for the extraction of explosive dust.

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