High pressure extraction from grinders

We dimensioned the output of the central high-pressure filter unit for the concurrence of three workers for simultaneous grinding.

We have installed two more connection points for connecting the cleaning hose, which, however, we do not consider in parallel with the suction points. The cabin will be cleaned after the grinding work is completed.

The vacuum cleaner unit is located in an outdoor environment at a distance of about 20 meters from the cabin. The design of the high-pressure filter unit is in the design corresponding to explosive dust. The filtration device is equipped with a pressure-resistant housing, antistatic filter medium, release membrane with a flameless system. We use the flameless system in the outdoor unit only because the unit is located close to the road with the movement of pedestrians. The B-Flap non-return valve is fitted in the suction line. The suction pipe is in a thick-walled pressure-resistant design, the individual pipe parts are electrically connected.

The hoses for connecting the grinders are made of antistatic material.

The connection to the individual grinders is solved by automatically controlled dampers, which respond to the consumption of compressed air by the grinder. When the grinder is started, the flap opens automatically and suction takes place. The system is designed for the use of vibrating grinders, which are adapted to be sucked into the grinding tool by holes in sandpaper.

For the implementation, we used the Vacuum JET filter units manufactured by us in a reinforced design for a vacuum – 70 kPa. The vacuum source is a high-vacuum turbine controlled by a frequency converter depending on the maintenance of the required pressure in the suction line.

Vacuum JET filter description

It is a dry, textile dust filtration device, equipped with automatic regeneration of the filter medium by means of compressed air. Regeneration of the filter medium takes place cyclically in set time intervals with the possibility of control according to the current pressure loss. We manufacture filtration equipment in a design for placement in an outdoor environment, without the need for a roof. The filtration equipment achieves a high filtration efficiency – at 99.9%, so it is possible to return the filtered air to the production hall.

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