Filtration equipment for sawdust extraction

Partner: Filtration equipment for sawdust extraction

Installation of GREFILT filtering equipment for extraction of sawdust from wood production. It is a vacuum filtration device equipped with regeneration.

The aim of this project was the production of two filter units for the extraction of sawdust from wood production. The filter units are placed on the supporting steel structure of our production as well. For the conception of suction to meet the requirements of the investor, one overpressure filter device and one underpressure structure device were used. In both cases, the filter units are equipped with a pressure wave release system for the extraction of explosive dust. We have made the filtration units for our partner GreMi KLIMA, s.r.o. which is the general supplier of the sawdust extraction system for the end client.

Vacuum filter unit G&G Jet VAC for sawdust extraction

Our filtration equipment G&G Jet VAC is filtration equipment designed for extraction in woodworking companies. The filtering device is equipped with automatic regeneration either by means of a pneumatic vibrating roller or by means of compressed air. For sawdust extraction applications in the most demanding operations, the filter units are equipped with a combination of a regeneration system – both by blowing the filter hoses with compressed air and a vibration regeneration system. The combination of two regeneration systems contributes to the saving of compressed air during the operation of the filter system. If the pressure loss of the filter hoses is low, the filter system regenerates only by means of a Vibro-knockig. When the pressure drop of the filter medium increases, the regeneration system is automatically activated by means of compressed air. In the vacuum filter unit, the fan is located on the clean side of the filter device. The exhaust fans used are chosen with high efficiency and with the possibility to regulate the exhaust power using a frequency converter.

Other references

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