Extraction of welding fumes

Partner: Extraction of welding fumes

In welding fume extraction and filtration applications, our filter units achieve long filter media service life and low filter media replacement costs.

Our delivery includes the production and implementation of the G&G Jet BAG filtration equipment for welding fume extraction applications. The filtration device is equipped with automatic regeneration of the filter medium by means of compressed air. Extraction is provided by a radial high-pressure fan with high efficiency. The G&G Jet BAG Welding Filter System ensures continuous extraction performance and long filter life – at least 5 years in two-shift operation. We supplied the filtration equipment for our partner.

Filtration device

The G&G Jet BAG filter unit supplied by us is a filter unit with flat textile elements, equipped with automatic regeneration of the filter medium by means of a compressed air countercurrent. The pressure loss of the filter device is maintained by an intelligent control unit. Regeneration at low clogging of the filter medium does not regenerate until the pressure drop rises to a predefined value. At higher pressure drop values, the regeneration intensity increases. This system saves the compressed air needed for regeneration.

Replacement costs for filtering medium

Our company focuses on minimizing operating costs incurred by the operation of the filtration unit. We guarantee a minimum filter life of 22,000 operating hours for our G&G Jet BAG filter units. We use conventional filter media that are commonly available on the market. We guarantee the lowes cost of replacement of filter media. In welding fume extraction applications, the first replacement usually occurs after 5 years of filter operation.

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