Extraction of welding and grinding workplaces

Reference realization of exhaustion technology of welding and grinding plant using filtration equipment G&G Jet BAG  of our production. In welding plant exhaust applications, we guarantee a long service life of the filter medium of at least 3 to 5 years of operation of the filter equipment. The filter is equipped with an intelligent regeneration control unit that saves compressed air costs.

An important reference implementation is the use of our filtration equipment G&G Jet BAG for the application of welding and grinding plant suction. The filter device is equipped with flat textile hoses and regenerated automatically by compressed air. The design of the filter is designed so that the exhaust air passes through the filter box downwards. The proposed flow helps to remove the separated dust towards the hopper and reduces the pressure drop of the filter medium. Regeneration of the filter medium is controlled by an intelligent control unit, which triggers regeneration only in case of pressure loss increase. At low-pressure losses, the filter device does not regenerate and thus saves the cost of compressed air. With increasing pressure drop, the intensity of regeneration by means of compressed air pulses increases.

Filtration equipment for the exhaustion of welding and grinding plant

The G&G Jet BAG Welding extraction device is convenient for the operator with its low cost of changing the filter media and the long service life of the filter hoses. Flat filter hoses of non-woven fabric with a surface weight of at least 500 g/m2 are used as a filtering medium. As a manufacturer, we guarantee a long service life of filter media of at least 22,000 operating hours for welding machine exhaust applications. When exhausting in the automotive industry when welding grease sheets, it is necessary to include the sorbent dosing station before filtering. The sorbent station ensures dosing of the sorbent CaOH2 into the suction line in front of the filter. This system dries the grease off the dust and increases the regenerative capacity of the filter.

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