Extraction of the burning machine

Partner: Extraction of the burning machine

We realized an order for our partner, who is engaged in the production of burning machines. The aim is to extract the burning machine when firing plastic products.

For the extraction of the burning machine, we used the G&G Patro JET filter unit manufactured by us with an extraction capacity of Q = 4,700 m3 / h. The filtration device is equipped with filter cartridges – TI206 with nano fiber flame retardant, regenerated pulses of compressed air. The centrifugal fan is housed in an acoustic box to ensure low noise levels. The exhaust of the filtered air is led to the outdoor environment. Our delivery included the installation of a new filter unit with connection to the investor’s piping. The implementation was provided by our partner company V-Dusting.Suction from the firing of the plastic initially had problems with the formation of an airtight crust of plastic on the filter material. This problem was eliminated by adding sorbent to the suction line. This sorbent bound the plastic particles together and by means of regeneration the dust is knocked into the waste container.

Cartridge filter description

It is a dry, cartridge filter device for dust fractions, equipped with automatic regeneration of the filter medium by means of compressed air. Regeneration of the filter medium takes place cyclically in set time intervals with the possibility of control according to the current pressure loss. The suction power is determined by the fan used according to the type of material and the required load of the filter surface. The load on the filter surface is set at a minimum of 1.0 m3 / m2 / min for the G&G Patro JET filter. The fan is not part of the filter unit. We manufacture filtration equipment in a design for placement in an outdoor environment, without the need for roofing. The filtration equipment achieves a high filtration efficiency – at 99.9%, so it is possible to return the filtered air to the production hall. The ratio of air return to the hall space and the outdoor environment is determined by the designer of the technology according to the characteristics of the extracted material and the air conditions of the production facility.

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