Extraction of plastic dust

Partner: Extraction of plastic dust

Reference in the field of suction and filtration of plastic dust. Our textile filtering device with automatic regeneration of the filtering medium by compressed air, catching the filtrate in a big-bag. The filter then returns the filtered air back to the working area.

Our delivery includes the production and installation of the G&G Jet BAG plastic dust filtering equipment. The filter device is designed for outdoor installation without the need for shelter. The filter is equipped with automatic regeneration of the filter medium (flat textile hoses) by means of compressed air pulses. The filtration equipment is equipped with a filtrate hopper topped with a rotary feeder with a waste outlet to the big-bag. The filter is placed on a steel structure.

In terms of airflow inside the filter and pressure losses of the filtration system, the concept of the filter unit is chosen such that the passing air enters the filter unit at the top of the filter and exits filtered at the bottom of the filter device. The flow inside the filter chamber is from top to bottom, which greatly helps to remove the dust to the hopper, which is central to the extraction of plastic dust. This concept reduces the pressure loss of the filter medium.

When applying plastic dust extraction, we guarantee a long service life of the filter medium of at least 5 years of operation of the filtering device. We make sure that the installation of our filter equipment does not incur unnecessary operating costs for the operator caused by the constant replacement of the filter medium.

Plastic dust is very fine light and prone to vaulting in the filter hopper. It is important that the regeneration of the filter is carried out continuously so that the filtering device has a gradual slope of the hopper and a continuous discharge of specks of dust so as not to clog the filter hopper.

Installation of the filtration unit was provided by our realization component G&G filtration CZ, s.r.o.

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