Extraction of carbon dust

Partner: Extraction of carbon dust

An important reference for carbon dust extraction. Our textile filtering device with automatic regeneration of the filter medium by compressed air in the version for explosive dust extraction is used. Return the filtered air back to the work area.

Our project includes production and delivery of filtration equipment for carbon dust extraction. The type of filter used is G&G Jet BAG. The filter device is designed for outdoor installation without the need for shelter. The filter is equipped with automatic regeneration of the filtering medium (flat textile hoses) by means of compressed air pulses. The filtering device is equipped with a  hopper and a 50-litres collector. The filter device is designed for the extraction of explosive dust equipped with relief membranes positioned so that the pressure wave is directed upwards. Installation of the filtration unit was provided by our realization component G&G filtration CZ, s.r.o. in cooperation with partner V-Dusting, s.r.o.

Filtration unit

For the extraction of carbon dust, we have chosen the type of filtration equipment G&G Jet BAG. It is a filtration device of our production, equipped with flat textile hoses with automatic regeneration of the filter medium by means of compressed air. The automatic regeneration is equipped with an intelligent control unit, which ensures the regeneration operation only at a higher pressure drop of the filter medium. The regeneration system ensures optimum compressed air consumption based on filter contamination, resulting in significant compressed air cost savings. For the extraction of explosive dust, the filtering equipment is equipped with a pressure-resistant housing, an antistatic filter medium, stainless steel filter hose clamps, relief membranes and a B-Flap check valve in the suction line. The duct connection between the fan and the filter unit is in pressure-resistant design as well as the duct between the filter unit and the B-Flap check valve.

Our service life of the filter medium is at least 3 to 5 years of operation of the filter device. We make sure that the operation of our filter technology does not incur unnecessary costs for the operator by frequent replacement of filter media.

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