Extraction equipment for sawdust filtration

Partner: Extraction equipment for sawdust filtration

An important reference for dust extraction from woodworking machines with the application of our G&G Vibro VAC filtration equipment.

The filter is equipped with automatic regeneration of the filter medium by a pneumatic vibro-knocker. The fan is located on the clean side of the filter, allowing the use of a high-efficiency fan. It is a high-quality product for sawdust extraction and filtration.

Our supply includes the production of a filter device for the extraction and filtration of sawdust. The filtration device is a vacuum type, equipped with a highly efficient fan. Manufacture of filtration equipment: G&G filtration. The general delivery of the event was provided by our partner company GreMi KLIMA, s.r.o.

Filtration unit G&G Vibro VAC:

The G&G Vibro VAC  filtration unit from production was used for this application. Due to its design, this filtering device is designed for the extraction and filtration of sawdust in the woodworking industry. The filtering device is equipped with pneumatically controlled vibration shaking. In this case, vibration regeneration contributes to a significant reduction in the cost of compressed air when regenerating the filter medium. The filtering device is equipped with a rotary feeder for removing sawdust from the hopper of the filtering device. Since sawdust extraction belongs to the group of explosive dust, the filtration equipment is equipped with relief membranes for releasing the pressure wave into the outdoor environment.

Filtrační zařízení G&G VIBRO VAC odsávání pilin

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