Dust extraction in steel industy

Partner: Dust extraction in steel industy

One of the most important references is the application of our dust extraction filter equipment in the steel industry. As part of our delivery, we install 4 filter batteries with a total extraction capacity of 450,000 m3 / h.

Dust extraction in steel industy:

Our supply includes production and realization of filtration equipment for dust extraction type G&G JET BAG. These filters are equipped with automatic regeneration of flat filter hoses by counter-current compressed air. Of course, there is an off-line regeneration system that allows highly efficient regeneration of the filter medium during the de-dusting operation. The filtration devices are divided into separate filtration chambers with the possibility of OFF-LINE regeneration during the operation of the filtration device. This regeneration system is highly effective mainly in conjunction with dust filtration in the ironworks, where there is often a need for continuous operation of filtration technology. The filters are equipped with the heating of the hopper of the filtration system and thermal insulation.

Redler conveyors of our production are used for dust removal. Redler conveyors are also equipped with a heating system to prevent the dust from freezing in the transport path during the inactivity of the filter technology in the winter months.

In terms of airflow inside the filter and pressure losses of the filtration system, the concept of the filter unit is chosen such that the passing air enters the filter unit at the top of the filter and exits filtered at the bottom of the filter device. The flow inside the filter chambers is from top to bottom, which greatly helps to remove the dust to the hopper. This concept reduces the pressure loss of the filter medium.
For our company, this is a very important reference for dust extraction, both in terms of the size of the filter units and the specific design corresponding to the most demanding requirements of the entire project. Our partner company Midoriing, s.r.o. which performs very demanding work, from the coordination of demanding activities in limited space, work at heights and the coordination of construction itself.

The production of filtration units is provided by our company for the company Gremi Klima, s.r.o., which is the main supplier of the filtration system.

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