Dust extraction in pellet production

An important reference for the use of our VAC filter for dust filtration in pellet production. The filter used is equipped with a dual regeneration system by vibro-knocking and compressed air regeneration. Dual regeneration reduces the operational cost of a filtration unit.

Our supply includes production and realization of filtration equipment for dust, sawdust and wood material extraction in a pellet production plant. The type of filtration unit is overpressure, equipped with dual regeneration: vibro-knocking and regeneration by compressed air. Dual regeneration saves operator compressed air. The client carried out the installation of the filtration equipment by himself only under the supervision of our chief technician.

Filtration unit for dust extraction:

We used filtration unit G&G JetVAC from our production. filtration equipment G&G Jet VAC of our production. This filter device is designed for the extraction of sawdust and wood chips in the woodworking industry. The filtration unit is equipped with a pneumatically controlled vibrating shaker, which periodically shakes the filter hoses for efficient and energy-efficient regeneration. Due to the amount of dust, the filter is also equipped with a pneumatic regeneration of the filter medium by compressed air. The pneumatic regeneration system is only started automatically at a higher pressure loss level. In this case, the dual regeneration system contributes to a significant reduction in the cost of compressed air when regenerating the filtering medium. The filter unit is equipped with an integrated screw conveyor for removing sawdust from the hopper of the filter unit. The vacuum is closed by the rotary feeder. Since sawdust extraction has an explosive character, the filtration device is equipped with relief membranes to release the pressure wave to the outside.

Waste processing

Sawdust which is extracted and separated through the filtration system is led by a screw conveyor to the investor’s container

Filtr JET VAC G&G filtration extraction in a pelletizing plant

You can find Jet VAC filters in our catalogue here.

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