Dust extraction from the grinding shop

Partner: Dust extraction from the grinding shop

Reference from the use of our G&G Jet BAG filtration equipment for dust extraction and filtration. Our filter units achieve a long service life of the filtering medium and low replacement costs.

Our delivery includes the production and delivery of the G&G Jet BAG filtration device for dust extraction from the grinding shop. The filtration device is equipped with automatic regeneration of the filtering medium by compressed air. The filtering medium is a flat non-woven filter hose. Extraction is provided by a radial high-pressure fan with high efficiency. The G&G Jet BAG Dust Extraction Device in grinding plants ensures continuous extraction performance and long filter life – at least 5 years in two-shift operation. We supplied the filtration equipment for our partner company GreMi KLIMA, s.r.o.

Specifics of the filter unit

The G&G Jet BAG filter unit is equipped with a pre-separation chamber for separating abrasive dust, which ensures separation of coarser abrasive dust so as not to damage the filtering medium. The regeneration system is located at the top of the filter device so that the filtered air outlet duct can be connected at the bottom of the filter housing. This arrangement of the regeneration system assists in the regeneration of the filtering medium and thus the filter unit has a lower pressure drop during filter operation. Regeneration of the filter unit is equipped with an intelligent control unit that responds to the amount of pressure loss of the filter unit. If the filter pressure drop is low, regeneration is turned off. As the pressure drop of the filter increases, the intensity of regeneration by compressed air increases.

The dust extraction from the grinding shop sucks both very fine dust particles and coarse abrasive dust, which causes abrasive wear to the suction line. Exhaust piping is welded, the thick-walled design was used to minimize the effects of abrasive wear.

Other references

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Composite dust extraction – GDP KORAL, s.r.o.

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