Dedusting of large casting blasters – Slévárna Kuřim, a.s.

Partner: Dedusting of large casting blasters – Slévárna Kuřim, a.s.

Location: Kuřim, Czech Republic

  • Blasting workplace for large and medium castings
  • Made for the general contractor ACESO PRAHA, s.r.o.
  • Modern workplace blasting castings
  • Flat bags filter equipment G&G Flat HOUSE
  • Vertical storage of filter media
  • Total suction power: 20 000 m3/h
  • Filter regeneration using compressed air
  • Blasting chamber suction
  • Dedusting from the process of regeneration of abrasive material
  • Intelligent suction power control
  • Tailor-made solutions according to the client's needs
Important reference from dedusting large blasters

Other references

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