Cyclone separator for suction of rip saw

Our reference in sawing suction of the rip saw with a transport fan and a cyclone separator with sawdust discharge into a large-capacity container. The system ensures the extraction of wet sawdust from raw wood.

Our delivery includes the production and installation of a transport fan, cyclone separator, rotary feeder and underpass steel structure for container location. The whole assembly is used for single-purpose extraction of one powerful rip saw. We chose the cyclone separator. Compared to the filtration device the extraction of wet sawdust would cause complications in the filtration device because of freezing of the filtering medium during the winter. The cyclone separator has constant operating conditions over both summer and winter. Installation of the filtration unit was provided by our realization component G&G filtration CZ, s.r.o.

Cyclone separator options

The cyclone separator is mainly due to its lower efficiency in separating finer dust fractions used as pre-separator in front of the filtering device, thereby relieving it from the bulk of the dust. In dust extraction applications from woodworking machines, cyclones are used mainly to extract wet sawdust. Cyclones are used as a single separator without subsequent filtration. Cyclone separators are also used in closed circuits of pneumatic transport or in flue gas paths for pre-separation of sparks before the flue gas enters the filtration device. The cyclones can be arranged parallel to each other, increasing the capacity or serially in succession, thereby increasing the separation. Cyclone separators can be used separately without the use of a filter unit. When installing a cyclone it is necessary to take into account the pressure loss of the cyclone at the level of 800 to 1200 Pa. Depending on the amount and temperature of the exhaust air.

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