Cleaning system of castings before painting

Partner: Cleaning system of castings before painting

We realized an order for our partner - the company SURFIN Technology s.r.o. which consisted in the design of a cleaning box for castings using cleaning - blowing nozzles with a suction system into a fabric filtration device.

The proposed cleaning system of castings before painting is intended to get rid of castings of dust particles before entering the painting line.

Our technology has thus become an integral part of the complete painting line from the general contractor SURFIN Technology s.r.o.

The cleaning – blowing box is uniquely designed, where the cleaning of castings takes place by means of two blowing nozzles placed obliquely against the direction of movement of the castings. For air extraction and filtration, we used a G&G Jet BAG type filter device manufactured by us.

The whole system works as one functional set, which at the same time starts the high-pressure fan of the blower box together with the filter unit. Dust collection is solved using a bucket with a volume of 50 liters. The filtered air is returned to the production premises. The design and manufacture of the individual devices was our own. Assembly activities for us were provided by the partner company V-Dusting.

G&G Jet BAG filtration equipment

G&G Jet BAG filter units are textile filter units equipped with automatic regeneration of the filter medium by means of countercurrent compressed air. From experience from individual applications, the service life of the filter medium reaches more than 20,000 operating hours, without the need for any manual cleaning. The filter media are flat, smooth sleeves made of non-woven fabric with a basis weight of 550 g / m2. The filter medium does not contain folds in which dust would settle. At the same time, it is very mechanically resistant to tearing or abrasion. The value of the residual flight of dust particles ranges from 0.25 mg / m3 to 5 mg / m3 depending on the dust extracted. The filtration device is equipped with either a waste container with a volume of 50 liters, or a waste dump via a rotary feeder into the BIG-BAG, or in a design according to specific demand. We also produce G&G Jet BAG filters in a design for the extraction of explosive dust.

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