Aspiration of the upper transport routes of the grain silo

Partner: Aspiration of the upper transport routes of the grain silo

We implemented a central exhaust system with the connection of 13 pieces of dedusting points of the upper roads of the grain silo. The filter unit is dimensioned for a suction capacity of 13 x 883 m3 / h => 11481 m3 / h.

The filter is used of the G&G Jet BAG type with automatic regeneration of the filter medium by means of compressed air. The entire aspiration system is solved in accordance with the legislative requirements of ATEX – explosion dust extraction. The filtration device is equipped with a relief device with certification for releasing a pressure wave into the interior of the hall. It was not necessary to solve the penetrations through the exterior cladding of the building. A B-flap non-return valve is installed in the suction line, which prevents the propagation of the return wave into the suction tract in the event of an explosion. The discharge of dust from the filter is solved via a rotary feeder with a line to the existing downfall dust pipe. The exhaust of the filtered air is led to the outdoor environment.

The implementation also included the dismantling of the existing, no longer used filtration technology, including the dismantling of all the original exhaust ducts. The aspiration technology was implemented on the top floor of the grain silo and it was necessary to assemble the filter unit only on site due to the small dimensions of the mounting hole.

Description of the fitration device.

G&G Jet BAG filter units are textile filter units equipped with automatic regeneration of the filter medium by means of countercurrent compressed air. From experience from individual applications, the service life of the filter medium reaches more than 20,000 operating hours, without the need for any manual cleaning. The filter media are flat, smooth sleeves made of non-woven fabric with a basis weight of 550 g / m2. The filter medium does not contain folds in which dust would settle. At the same time, it is very mechanically resistant to tearing or abrasion. The value of the residual flight of dust particles ranges from 0.25 mg / m3 to 5 mg / m3 depending on the dust extracted. The filtration device is equipped with either a waste container with a volume of 50 liters, or a waste dump via a rotary feeder into the BIG-BAG, or in a design according to specific demand. We also produce G&G Jet BAG filters in a design for the extraction of explosive dust.

The implementation partner for this reference was V-Dusting.

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