Aspiration of grain transport routes

It is a specific solution for the aspiration of transport routes of grain and feed mixtures using local - point filters. Filter units in horizontal design are used for dedusting chain conveyors - redlers. Filters in a vertical design are used to dedust elevators. All used filters were of the G&G Local JET type placed directly on the aspirated conveyors.

The G&G Local JET filtration device is a filtration unit equipped with automatic regeneration of the filter medium from non-woven fabric by means of countercurrent compressed air. The service life of the filter medium is more than 10,000 operating hours, without the need for any manual cleaning. The filter media are flat, smooth sleeves made of non-woven fabric with a basis weight of 550 g / m2. The filter medium does not contain folds in which dust would settle and is very mechanically resistant to tearing or abrasion. The value of the residual flight of dust particles on the exhaust is in the range of 1 – 3 mg / m3. The exhaust fan can be equipped with a circular silencer at the outlet so as to reduce the noise load from the filter device. The dust discharge is led back into the material path.

A total of 13 G&G Local JET filter units were used for aspiration. There were 7 horizontal filters for dedusting redlers and 6 vertical filters for dedusting elevators.

Other references

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