Flue gas filter for power industry

Significant reference in the energy sector with the use of our filtering equipment with ceramic filter media.


The G&G Ceramic JET filter is equipped with ceramic filter rods with a temperature resistance of 1200°C. It is directly designed for the dedusting of flue gases with a high proportion of glowing particles of unburnt fuel. The filter has become an important functional part of the ash treatment in biomass boilers.


Flue gas filter for power industry - basic description

The G&G Ceramic JET filter is a filtering device designed to dedust flue gases produced by the combustion of solid fuels in combustion sources. Due to its design, the filter units are used for dedusting biomass burning boilers. The basic characteristic of the G&G Ceramic JET filter unit is its resistance to hot particles and residues of unburnt fuel, which occur in the flue gases from biomass combustion.

The flue gases entering the filter unit are directed to the bottom of the filter unit by means of an internal partition so that the filter unit housing is heated evenly. The flue gas passes upwards through the filter media into the clean filter chamber and then through the outlet opening into the flue gas fan.


Ceramic filter media

The filter elements are refractory ceramic rods which have a high temperature resistance up to 1200°C. The filter elements are arranged vertically inside the filter box, with the outlet of the filtered flue gas at the top of the filter. The ash separation occurs on the outer surface of the ceramic rods. Regeneration of the filter rods is carried out by flushing with pulses of pressurised air cyclically during operation of the filter unit.
The ash is retained in integrated ash storage tanks as standard, which are emptied periodically by the boiler operator. For boilers in continuous operation, the filter units are equipped with an automatic ash removal system. At lower building heights, the ash is discharged by means of a movable filter bottom and then by a screw conveyor to the ash bin.


The filtering device is thermally insulated throughout the casing and is equipped with an electric heating cable to temper the filter casing and prevent condensation of the flue gases at the moment of start-up or boiler start-up at low flue gas temperature.

The filter equipment does not need to be fitted with a needle dust collector due to the smaller footprint to allow installation directly into the boiler room.


Location of the flue gas fan

The exhaust fan is always located downstream of the flue gas filter in the path of the filtered gas. The fan control is controlled depending on the negative pressure in the flue gas duct before connection to the boiler. The exhaust fan then uses a frequency converter to maintain constant vacuum conditions so that the boiler function is not affected.

The flue gas filter is always equipped with a flue gas bypass so that the filter can be shut down for inspections and servicing and inspections or repairs can be carried out without shutting down the boiler.

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