Filtration equipment

The 'filtration equipment' group represents all types of filter units manufactured by us. Individual product sheets and documents are available in the catalogue section


filter units

Filter units designed for central dust extraction. These are dry, fabric filter units with automatic regeneration of the filtering medium using compressed air. Regeneration of the filtering medium is carried out cyclically at set time intervals with the possibility of control according to the current pressure loss. Filtration equipment achieves high filtration efficiency - above 99%, filtered air can be returned to the production hall space. The used filter medium has a long service life, which brings the user an efficient operation with low operating costs.

Field of application:
Filtration of foundry dust, dedusting of flue gases from furnaces, exhausts from welding and grinding shops, filtration of ceramic dust, filtration of explosive dust, many other applications

G & G-JFR-C flue gas filters

Filter units designed for dedusting hot combustion products containing sparks and particles. These are filter units equipped with high temperature resistant ceramic filter cartridges with a melting point of 1200 ° C. The filters are equipped with automatic regeneration using compressed air. Filtration units achieve high filtration efficiency - above 99%. The maximum operating temperature for flue gas filtration is 450 ° C.

Field of application:
Dedusting of biomass boilers, dedusting coal boilers, dedusting flue gases from furnaces

Filter units designed for the extraction of sawdust in the woodworking industry and specks of dust with high fibre content such as paper dust or textile dust. Filtration equipment is manufactured in overpressure and underpressure design according to a specific application or client's request. The filter units are designed for the extraction of explosive specks of dust. These are hose filter units equipped with automatic regeneration by pneumatic Vibro-tapping.

Field of application:
in the woodworking industry, textile fibre remaining, paper dust extraction, recycling operations


G & G-VFR sawdust and cellulose filters


Local filters G & G-JFR-L

We produce filtration equipment of type G & G-JFR-L, which are designed for local dedusting of material transport routes. The trapped dust falls from the filter directly into the area of the suction conveyor. The G & G-JFR-L filters keep the conveyor area under moderate vacuum, thus preventing dust from spreading to the environment. Filtered specks of dust fall back into the material transport path. The filters are not equipped with a dust discharge hopper. The trapped dust is always returned to the area from which it was sucked. The filters are equipped with their own exhaust fans with a silencer.

Field of application:
Dedusting of screw conveyors, dedusting of redlers, dedusting of elevators, dedusting of belt conveyors

We produce filtration equipment G & G-JFR-Z - silo filters. The filters are designed for being placed on the container flange or material thickness. By their function, they ensure filtration of air coming out of the silo during filling by pneumatic transport or dust dedusting when filling by a redler conveyor. The separated dust is discharged from the filter device back to the hopper or silo by free discharge. The filters are equipped with automatic regeneration of the filter medium by compressed air.

Field of application:
Venting silos, venting tanks, venting pneumatic transport

G & G-JFR-Z silo filters

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