Sorbent dosing stations

We manufacture sorbent dosing stations, that are used in applications of industrial exhausting. We manufacture screw dispensers which we supply in the form of compact stations equipped with a raking mechanism, protection against the paper bag falling and a closing lid.

Sorbent dosing stations

Sorbent microdispensers

We manufacture sorbent microdispensers which are used in applications of industrial exhasuting. We supply our screw dispensers in the form of compact stations, equipped with a raking mechanism, protection against the paper bag falling and a closing lid. Dosing screw speed can be controlled by a frequency converter. The dispensers have a capacity of 3 kg to 100 kg per hour of operation. To set optimal dosing setting is used cyclic control of the dispenser. The sorbent microdispenser can be connected as an external device to any industrial exhausting system.
Sorbent dosing stations

Use of the dispenser as protection against filter burn-in

In industrial exhausting applications with danger of burning the filter medium by the sucked hot particles, the sorbent micro-dispenser is used for dosing ground limestone into the suction line. Limestone forms a protective film on the filter medium, which significantly reduces the risk of burning from sucked sparks or hot balls.
Sorbent dosing stations

Use of sorbentation to reduce the risk of explosion

In idustrial exhausting explosive dusts applications, like aluminum grinding, it is possible to change character of dust from expolosive to non-explosive by installing a sorbent dosing station. By adding sorbent to suction line the participles of explosive dust are mixed with sorbent in ratio approx 1:1 and the resulting mixture entering to filtration device doesn't already have explosive character. Work of filtration device must be conditioned by checking level of sorbent in dispenser and other connections, which must be consulted before the installation and before dosing station settings.
Sorbent dosing stations

Use of sorbentation for longer life of the filter medium

Adding a sorbent to the exhausting line has a positive effect to regenerability of filter medium. Primarily in welding exhausting systems, where evaporated oil is exhaust together with dust particles and smoke. The oil trapped in the filter medium is the reason for the high pressure, the low filter media life and the premature exchange of the filter cartridge. The sorbent, especially Ca(OH)2 and CaCO3, absorbs oil particles and significantly increases efficiency of regeneration. After regeneration of the filter medium is sorbent, together with the trapped dust, separated to collecting container of the filtration device. The filtration system works at lower pressure losts, which means positive effect on the electricity consumption of exhaust fan.

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