Small compact filters

We produce small compact filters that have their use in the extraction of local sources of dust such as grinders, welders, welding robots and other local sources of dust.


G&G Micro JET

Our products - G&G Micro JET filter units are used to extract separate workplaces, which are otherwise difficult or costly to connect to a central dust extraction system. We produce Micro JET type filters in two power variants - for 1200 m3/h and for 2500 m3/h of extracted air.
It is an affordable but full-fledged equivalent of central exhaust.

G&G Wood BAG

G&G Wood BAG filtration units are designed for small and medium-sized carpentry or lumbering operations. The filtration units are in the design of mobile dust extractors, in a massive, industrial design. The exhaust transport fan is made of steel, long-term resistant to the effects of abrasion of the exhaust material. The filtration part is designed with an inlet in the upper part of the filter bag, which ensures ideal conditions for the separation of separated dust. With the air flow from the top downwards, the dust particles and sawdust are carried downwards into the collection bag. G&G Wood BAG filtration units are high-performance assistants in carpentry workshops and single-purpose woodworking machines. Thanks to the inlet in the upper part of the filter hose, the G&G Wood BAG filters have a low pressure drop and have a continuous suction power. We produce filters in variants with a suction capacity of 1800 m3/h. 3000 m3/h, 5000 m3/h and 7000 m3/h.

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G&G se zabývá vývojem a výrobou produktů z oblasti průmyslového odsávání a filtrace vzduchu. G&G společně založili Ing. Radek Veselý a Ing. Miloš Gregor z důvodu jediného cíle a to výroby filtrační technologie pro mezinárodních trh.

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