Silos and bins

We produce cylindrical silos and sawdust bins. Our silos are equipped with an automatic material discharge system. We offer sizes from 11 m3 to 133 m3.

Silos and bins

Use of GKS silos

The G&G silo is used for storing small wood material such as sawdust, shavings and wood chips generated in wood processing plants. The most common application of silos is to ensure the operating supply of fuel for the boiler room, to provide the operating supply of material for the briquetting line or as a material storage for waste dispatch. The G&G silos are equipped with a screw emptying system in the lower conical part of the hopper, closed by means of a rotary feeder at the material outlet. Pneumatic conveying of the material is most often used for filling the silo using a filter device located on the ceiling of the silo, or using a cyclone separator located on the ceiling of the silo. G&G silos are equipped with relief membranes for the possibility of storing explosive dust, an access ladder and a dry pipe. All silos produced by us, including DWG drawings and technical sheets, are available in our catalog.
Silos and bins

Location of silos

The silos produced by us are standardly equipped with a steel structure for a dump height of + 2000 mm above ground level. According to the client's needs, we supply silos in a design with a base steel structure with an underpass height for a truck or with placement on a concrete base with a subsequent path of material to the boiler room, briquetting plant or for further processing. The filtration unit or cyclone separator is placed on its own spreading steel structure on the ceiling of the cylindrical silo. We manufacture segmental silos so that all material preparation, including surface treatment, is carried out in our production plant. The client then assembles the self-contained segments, which, depending on the size of the silo, take about 1 to 2 days of work.

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