Rotary feeders

We produce rotary feeders for continuous removal of dust from filtration equipment, cyclone separators and continuous removal of sawdust from silos and containers.

rotary feeder

GGRP rotary feeders

Our rotary feeders are most often used to remove dust from filtration equipment. The rotary feeder ensures continuous or cyclic dust removal during filter operation. The sealing strips of the feeder ensure the separation of the overpressure or underpressure of the filter from the surrounding environment. Another common application of a rotary feeder is the removal of dust or sawdust from a cyclone separator. In the case of a cyclone separator, it is necessary to continuously remove the dust so that it does not occur to flood the separator with separated material. We also use our rotary feeders to remove material from silos.
rotary feeder

Rotary feeder blades

We always choose the blades of the rotary feeder for a specific use case. The design of the blades differs in the ratio of the fixed and flexible part, the number of blades and the material of the blades. When a rotary feeder is in demand, it is reasonable to specify the transported material as accurately as possible - its granulometry and characteristics.
rotary feeder

Material design

We produce rotary feeders from material 11375 in a lacquered design for use in common applications. For use in the food industry, we produce rotary feeders made of 1.4301 material. As part of wear parts subject to abrasion, we manufacture our rotary feeders, which can be dismantled into separate sides, faces and rotors. In the event of wear, a specific component can be replaced.

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