Paper dust extraction

With our partner company Golpretech Czech Republic, we develop and manufacture technologies for dust extraction and paper cutting in the printing industry. These are technologies for continuous extraction, separation and processing of paper cuts, cut-outs, endless belts and paper dust.

Rotary separators for paper cuts

Rotary separators for paper cuts

Rotary separators are used for continuous separation of paper scraps from the extracted air. They are an important component of the application of extraction in printing operations. Rotary separators are used not only in the printing industry, but also play a recognized role in dedusting systems for municipal waste treatment.
Venturi nozzles

Venturi nozzles for extracting endless paper webs

We produce Venturi nozzles, which are used for suction of endless paper strips in the printing industry. The venturi nozzle is connected to the discharge of the fan itself. The overpressure of the fan itself is used by the nozzle to create a negative pressure in the suction path of the endless cut. The paper tape is thus sucked out without being chopped or damaged. This extraction system is suitable for both paper tapes and plastic or textile endless cuts.
Chipping fans

Chipping fans

We manufacture chopping transport fans, which are used to extract and divide endless strips of paper. The fan is equipped with a cutting rotor with sharp blades made of hardox material. The entry of the cuttings into the fan is solved eccentrically, outside the axis of rotation of the rotor so that the paper strip is guided directly on the cutting edges of the rotor and there is no winding of the paper strip on the fan rotor. The outlet part of the fan is designed at a negative angle so as to prevent clogging of the chopped strips at the discharge port of the fan. The cutting fans are high-pressure with a reinforced housing and are equipped with an inspection hole.

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