Smart autonomous dampers

We produce Smart FLAP autonomous dampers. A unique solution for dampers that not only open or close according to production technology. Smart FLAP control dampers are modern successors to SMARTeye automatic shut-off dampers.

Smart autonomous dampers

Smart autonomous dampers

We produce Smart FLAP autonomous dampers, which are used for completely autonomous regulation of extraction systems. The dampers are equipped with their own control system, which allows regulation based on the vacuum of the connected machine. The dampers work completely independently. However, they allow connection to a higher-level system via Modbus RTU. When connected to a superior system, the dampers can be monitored, controlled and programmed remotely using a PC or mobile phone.

Smart autonomous dampers not only open and close. Their absolutely exceptional benefit is the ability to automatically regulate the suction system according to the set vacuum for individual machines. The required parameters can be remotely changed and monitored using the superior system. If the client requests to increase the suction power of any machine, without changing the power of other machines, he will arrange everything within a few seconds using his own mobile phone.

It is a sophisticated system for controlling the extraction power in terms of energy savings according to the use of machines, which has no competition on the market.
Smart autonomous dampers

Use on a stand-alone machine

The Smart FLAP damper can be installed in an already operated exhaust system without connection to the technology control system. We install smart dampers on the machines that are closest to the filter device.

The Smart FLAP automatic damper regulates the suction power to a constant value of vacuum and enables the increase of the suction power for more distant machines.
Intelligent extraction power management system

Intelligent extraction power management system

It is a conceptual solution of the extraction system for the entire production hall. All exhaust machines are equipped with Smart FLAP flaps. The fan of the central exhaust system is controlled by a frequency converter. Autonomous dampers maintain the set negative pressures of the machines and close them according to the operation of the machines. They receive requests for parameter changes from the superior system and send information about measured values ​​and operating status.
Saving electricity

Saving electricity

The Smart FLAP system is based on intelligent, control dampers and control of the exhaust fan by a frequency converter. This controls the speed of the fan motor. Even at a 20% reduction engine speed can reduce consumption by 59% compared to the nominal value of power input. Sensitive setting of the frequency according to the current needs of the extraction system will make it possible to significantly adjust the energy requirements of the extraction system.
SMART flap

Always monitor the efficiency of your production online

When connected to a central control system and an Internet connection, the Smart FLAP system can be controlled remotely using a PC, telephone or tablet, so you will have an absolute overview of the operation of the extraction system. You can remotely evaluate the frequency of use of production machines and at the same time evaluate electricity savings.

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