Industrial dampers and butterfly valves

We produce industrial shut-off and switch valves for exhaust systems. Dampers with manual closing, pneumatic closing and servo drives.


Butterfly valves

We produce a series of 26 shut-off and control dampers, which correspond to the conventional dimensional range of ducting from D80 to D1250. The flaps are GRII in welded, flanged version. Shaft bearings are always solved using rolling bearings. The damper blade is reinforced with transverse stiffeners to prevent deformation of the damper blade by high operating overpressure or under pressure. The flaps are manufactured with a manual closing system with the possibility of arresting in the desired position, as well as in the version with pneumatic drive and with preparation for the actuator according to the client's choice.

Switch valves

We produce dampers that are used to switch between two exhaust ducts. The dampers are supplied either with manual closing with position arresting or with pneumatic drive for the possibility of automation of switching. The flaps are welded, flanged in SKIII design. The blade shaft is supported by rolling bearings. The flap blade is reinforced with transverse stiffeners to prevent deformation by high operating overpressure or under pressure.

Material design

The flaps are made of 11375 material in a sprayed finish for use in common applications. For use in the food industry, we produce rotary feeders from material 1.4301. For closing or regulating of flue ways the flaps are provided with temperature resistant paint with resistance up to + 400 ° C

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G&G is engaged in the development and production of industrial air extraction and filtration products. G&G was founded jointly by Ing. Radek Veselý and Ing. Miloš Gregor because of the sole goal of manufacturing filter technology for international markets.

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