Extraction and transport fans

We produce exhaust transport fans for dust and sawdust exhaust systems. The fans are designed for air extraction with a mixture of sawdust and dust.


Transport fans

Our fans are designed for sawdust and dust extraction systems where the exhausted material comes through a conveyor fan. The most common use is in a pressurized dust extraction system where the discharge of the transport fan is directed to the filter device. Another common use is to extract wet sawdust in saws using a cyclone separator and in a pneumatic material transport system

Fan design

Fans are made for outdoor installation without roofing. The ducts are connected to the ducting by means of flexible connections so that vibration is not propagated. Each fan includes compensators for cushioning between the base and fan. We produce transport fans in the power range from 3.0 kW to 18.5 kW.

Demonstration of our equipment in practice

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