Cyclone separators

We produce a series of cyclone separators, composed of 22 types of cyclones, which are graded according to the conventional dimensional lines of the pipeline. We cover the range from 500 m3 / h up to 30 000 m3 / h.

cyclone separator

Use of cyclone separators

Cyclone separators are used as coarse dust pre-separators with placement in front of the final filter equipment. Their function ensures the separation of the coarser fraction before entering the filtration device. It then enters the filter only fine residual flight. The use of a cyclone separator in combination with a filtration device brings higher operational reliability of the system, reduction of filter load and extension of filter media life. Cyclone separators can also be used separately without an end filter, mainly in wet extraction applications sawdust and wood chips. Here, the cyclones achieve high separation efficiencies and it is not necessary to use a final filtration stage.
cyclone separator

Accessories for cyclone separator

The cyclone separators of our production are already equipped in the basic version with an extension for an expansion vessel on the dust outlet. The most common accessory is the use of a rotary feeder on the dust discharge, which separates the working overpressure or underpressure inside the separator from the surrounding environment and at the same time ensures the removal of dust. The cyclone separator must be placed on a steel structure. The body of the cyclone can be thermally insulated, in the case of application to hot flue gases.

Demonstration of our equipment in practice

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