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What we offer

High quality products of dust extraction, extraction and filtration systems, for use in industrial plants.


Filtration equipment

Our products:

  • Hose filters
  • Lamellar filters
  • Pocket filters
  • Cartridge filters
  • Ceramic filters
  • Local filters
  • Silo filters
  • Central vacuum cleaners

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    Cyclone separators CYGG

    We produce a series of cyclone separators, composed of 22 types of cyclones, which are graded according to the conventional dimensional lines of the pipeline. We cover the range from 500 m3 / h up to 30 000 m3 / h.


    Silos and bins

    We produce cylindrical silos and sawdust bins. Our silos are equipped with an automatic material discharge system. We offer sizes from 11 m3 to 133 m3.


    Rotary feeders

    We produce rotary feeders for continuous removal of dust from filtration equipment, cyclone separators and continuous removal of sawdust from silos and containers.


    Industrial dampers and butterfly valves

    We produce industrial shut-off and switch valves for exhaust systems. Dampers with manual closing, pneumatic closing and servo drives.


    Extraction and transport fans

    We produce exhaust transport fans for dust and sawdust exhaust systems. The fans are designed for air extraction with a mixture of sawdust and dust.

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