Spark separators

Spark separators

This is mechanic spark separators designed for installation to a vertically directed extraction pipe in front of the filter device or to extraction pipe behind the technology producing sparks or hot particles.

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Description of the spark separators

Spark separators are equipped with a passive rotor at their inlet, which rotates the flowing air and the extracted dust. The rotating sparks are centrifuged in the sedimentation part of the separator and led out of the auxiliary collecting pipe to the separator tank. The aspirated air, free of sparks, continues through the outlet flange to the filter device. Spark separators serve both to separate sparks and as separators of coarser particles from the extracted air. The function of the separator reduces the risk of burning of the filter system and contributes to prolonging the life of the filter medium of the connected filter device. In case of high risk of ignition, spark separators are usually installed on the filtration system in combination with an automatic extinguishing system. For the separators to function properly, it is essential that the collecting vessel is tightly seated and that no air is sucked in. Due to their weight, spark separators must be installed on a separate steel structure or support bracket.