G&G Micro JET-1200

G&G Micro JET-1200

The small compact filter unit G&G Micro JET-1200 is designed for extraction of welding or grinding workplaces with one extraction arm or for extraction of sources with a connection diameter of D150 mm.

Suction power: 1 200 m3/h
Filter medium: filter cartridge
Filtration area: 18 m2
Regeneration: compressed air

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Description of the filtration device

The G&G Micro JET-1200 filter units are used to extract separate workplaces, which are otherwise difficult or costly to connect to a central dust extraction system. The filters are equipped with automatic regeneration of the filter cartridge using compressed air. Optionally, the filters are equipped with their own source of compressed air. We supply the filters in the Plug & Play design, where all you have to do is connect the exhaust pipe and supply electricity. The exhaust fan is equipped with an EC motor and it is possible to control the exhaust power by changing the speed on the control panel of the filter unit. It is an affordable but full-fledged equivalent of central exhaust.

3 phases of filtration

1. Cyclone pre-separation of coarser particles
2. Filtration of fine and ultra-fine particles
3. Regeneration with compressed air

Use in applications

  • Local extraction of welding robots
  • Local extraction of welding workplaces
  • Local extraction of grinding workplaces
  • Local extraction of material cutting workplaces
  • Local extraction of polishing workplaces
  • Local extraction of overflows and weighing workplaces