G&G Wood BAG-7400

G&G Wood BAG-7400

Professional mobile extractors G&G Wood BAG-7400. Mobile suction and filtration unit for sawdust, cellulose and fibrous waste. It is equipped with a high-performance transport fan with an output of 1,800 m3/h. Reinforced – steel version of the exhaust fan. Filter air inlet at the top of the filter hoses. Professional extraction solution for smaller production machines.

Suction capacity: 7 400 m3/h
Fan pressure: 2 500 Pa
Fan power: 11,0 kW
Filtration area: 18,8 m2
Pipe connection diameter: D335
Flow: from above -> down

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Description of the filtration device

The G&G Wood BAG filter units manufactured by us are intended for clients who require quality products even for small extraction systems. G&G Wood BAG filtration devices are mobile compact filters for wood, cellulose and fibrous material in a design for a suction capacity of 7400 m3/h. Exhaust transport fans are in a reinforced, all-metal design with a reinforced rotor and fan housing. We do not state misleading values ​​of maximum suction power (at zero pressure loss) or maximum pressure (at zero suction power). We present the value of the operating point, when the stated suction power in practice exceeds the pressure losses of the filter medium and the resistance of the pipeline. The values ​​given by us are operating values, ie. measurable in practice. Unlike the conventional hobby solution of mobile filters, our G&G Wood BAG units are designed with an inlet in the upper part of the filter hose. The top-down flow of air inside the filter hose entrains and entrains the separated fine dust particles down into the dust container. The filter medium is thus regenerated in a natural way - by flowing air. Within simple mobile filters, our concept is one of the more expensive investments, but it brings benefits to users, in the form of permanent suction power and long life of both the filter medium and the individual functional parts of the entire filter unit. G&G Wood BAG filter units do not belong to the HOBBY group of sawdust extractors. They are assistants in professional operations, where high requirements are placed on the extraction performance and its stability.


  • Extraction of smaller carpentry workshops
  • Supplement for central sawdust extraction
  • Local extraction of woodworking machines
  • Local extraction of CNC machines