G&G Wood BAG

G&G Wood BAG

The G&G Wood BAG extractors created by our company are a great help when it comes to extracting single purposed woodworking machines, plastic chipsor and cellulose or threaded dust.

They are great for standalone extracting of powerful CNC machines and are fit for small woodworking workrooms. Their sturdy structure guarantees a long lifespan of their functional parts and the intake of filtrated air from the top of the bag ensures a flawless performance of the vacuum.


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The G&G Wood BAG filtration units created by our company are suitable for demanding customers, who expect nothing short of perfection even when it comes to small exhaust systems. The G&G Wood BAG filtration device is a compact filter fit for wooden, cellulose or threaded material. Its suction power settings range from 1800 m3/h to 7400 m3/h.

The fortified all-metal design of the exhaust transport fan includes a reinforced rotor and fan housing.

We do not give misleading values regarding the maximum suction power (in the case of zero pressure loss) or the maximum pressure (in the case of zero suction/exhaust output). We state the value of the working point when the stated suction power exceeds the pressure losses of the filtration medium and the resistance of the pipes in practice. The stated values are operating values, i.e. measurable in practice.
Compared with conventional HOBBY mobile solutions filters are our G&G Wood BAG units are designed with an inlet in the upper part of the filter hose. Air flow inside the filter hose, which point from top to bottom, entrains the separated fine dust particles down into the waste bin. The filter medium is regenerated in a natural way - by flowing air.

Within simple mobile filters our conception belong between more expensive ones, however there are some advantages like continuous suction power and long service life of filtration medium and of individual parts of the whole filtration device.

Filtration units G&G Wood BAG are not belong to group of HOBBY sawdust extractors. The G&G Wood BAG vacuums are a great help in professional services, where the high requirements on the suction power and its stability are placed.