G&G Micro JET

G&G Micro JET

G&G Micro JET filters replace the central dust extraction function and they are directly at the extraciton source with which they are connected by a short pipelines.

The user can handle install this filter on his own. The regeneration of the filtration cartridge proceeds by flushing with pulses of compressed air.

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Catalog G&G Micro JET

Description of filtration device

Filtration devices G&G Micro JET are used to extract single workplaces, which are otherwise diffcult or expensive to join to a central dust extraction system. We produce filtration units G&G Micro JET in two power variants - for 1200 m3/h and for 2500m3/h of extracted air.

Filters are equipped with automatic regeneration of filtration cartridge by compressed air. Optionally have filters own source of compressed air. We distribute filters in Plug&Play desing and it takes only join to extraction pipes and electric energy. Extraction ventilator is equipped with EC engine and it is possible to control the suction power by change of rotations on control panel of filtration device.

It is an affordable but full-fledged equivalent of central exhausting.

G&G Micro JET-1200

Filtration unit G&G Micro JET-1200 is designed to extraction of welding or grinding workplaces with one extraction arm or to extract sources with connection diameter D150 mm.

G&G Micro JET-2500

Filtration unit G&G Micro JET-2500 is designed to extraction of welding or grinding workplaces equipped with extraction fume cupboard or to extraction of robotic workplaces.