SILO GG 40-30

SILO GG 40-30

Cylindrical silo GG 40-30 with effective volume 36,5 m3

Cylindrical silo with a conical hopper is intended for the storage of bulk materials, sawdust and wood chips. The silo is placed on a supporting steel structure. GG silos can be equipped with a screw discharge system in the bottom conical section of the container with a rotary feeder closure at the material outlet. The most often used for filling silos is pneumatic material transport using a filtering device located on the silo ceiling, or using a cyclone separator located on the silo ceiling. GG silos can be equipped with relief membranes for the storage of explosive dust, access ladders and ducts.

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Use of Silo

GG silos are used to store loose material or small wood material such as sawdust, wood shavings and wood chips. The most common application of silos in wood production is the storage of sawdust arising in the company's production. The stored sawdust serves to ensure the operational supply of fuel for the boiler room or briquetting line. In woodworking, GG silos are used as an expedition supply of sawdust for the removal of sawdust by truck transport. For storing sawdust and wood chips, the silo is always equipped with a system of screwing up material. GG silos are also used for the storage of bulk materials such as plastic granulates, additives and other feedstocks for the production process.


GG silos are manufactured segmentally to ensure the possibility of transport by standard truck transport without the need for oversized loads. The silo is assembled using a crane directly at the client's site. The total silo assembly time is approximately 24 to 36 working hours, depending on the silo equipment. As required by the client, the silo is equipped with an access ladder, service platform, railing, dry-pipe, aeration nozzles, filtration equipment and other components.

Working conditions

When designing a specific silo we need to know the exact density of the stored material (kg/m3), the material characteristics such as the angle of repose, the PTCH of the material, the aggressiveness towards the environment and the hygroscopy.
  • order number SILO GG 40-30
  • total silo volume 49 m3
  • effective silo volume 36,5 m3
  • silo diameter 4000 mm
  • height of cylindrical part 3000 mm
  • total height 8529 mm
  • weight of stored chips 9125 kg
  • silo weight 5917 kg
  • total weight 15042 kg
  • load on the base 4x 3760,5 kg
  • number of explosive membranes according to the type of material
  • silo options by client request
  • material design 11375, 1.4301, or by client request
  • surface protection lacquered