RPGG 30-80

RPGG 30-80

Rotary dust feeder with connecting flange 300 x 800 mm

The rotary feeder is a device preferably intended for emptying the hoppers of filtering devices during operation. The rotary feeder transports the material from the top downwards by rotating the feeder rotor. The rotor is equipped with a flexible blade tip, which ensures the required tightness of the device during the operation of the filter device. The rotor is supported on the shaft by bearings which are located outside the area of the conveyed material. Rotor speed is provided by a geared motor mounted on the base of the rotary feeder.

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Use of rotary feeder

The rotary feeder is most often used in filtration equipment and cyclone separators with the requirement of continuous dust removal during the operation of the technology. The design of the rotary feeder ensures sealing of the discharge opening during its operation, thus preventing the air from entering the filter or blowing dirt into the outside of the filter. RPGG rotary feeders are certified for separating a potentially explosive area from a non-explosive area and therefore find their use in applications of explosive dust extraction systems.

Working conditions

RPGG rotary feeders are designed for conveying loose or fibrous dust with a particle size of max 50 mm. The rotary feeder could be placed in an environment with a temperature of -20°C to +40°C. The rotary feeder is designed to be triggered by a motor starter. The RPGG rotary feeder is certified for the separation of interior space zone 22 with a non-explosive area.
  • order number RPGG 30-80
  • transport capacity 39 m3/h
  • work pressure +/- 5000 Pa
  • motor power 0,75 kW
  • motor speed 922 RPM
  • motor voltage 230/400V/50 Hz
  • motor current 2,1 A
  • weight 132 kg
  • flange size 300x800 mm
  • working temperature -30 až +80 °C
  • rotor speed 18 RPM
  • number of blades 8 pcs
  • material design 11375, 1.4301, or as required by the client
  • surface protection lacquered