Flue gas recuperators

Flue gas recuperators

We produce industrial flue gas recuperators in the design of flue gas – air. Flue gas recuperation is used in applications of hot gas extraction, when the flue gas recuperator serves primarily to reduce the temperature of the exhausted gas and to ensure the possibility of filtration using a textile filter unit. The heat taken from the flue gases can be used mainly for air-conditioning heating of production or storage areas.

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Construction of flue gas recuperator - cooled side

Our flue gas recuperators are designed in such a way that the hot gas is led inside the heat exchange tube sheets in one direction - from top to bottom. The deposits of dust particles on the heat exchange tubes are regenerated by a system of automatic regeneration using compressed air. The cooled gas exits the heat exchange tubes at the bottom towards the hopper. The dust particles are discharged through the outlet pipe together with the cooled flue gases to the adjoining filtration device. The flue gas recuperator thus does not have its own dust removal, which simplifies the solution of waste management.

Construction of flue gas recuperator - cooling side

The cooling air of the recuperator is sucked in from the outside and supplied to the recuperator so that it flows around the heat exchange tubes from the outside. The source of cooling air is either axial fans, which are usually used in flue gas coolers where the heat obtained is no longer used. In flue gas recuperators with subsequent use of heat for heating the building, the source of cooling air is a fan with a free impeller, which has a higher transport pressure than an axial fan. The output of the cooling fans is controlled by a PLC in relation to the required temperature of the outgoing cooled gas.

Use of flue gas recuperation

We recommend use flue gas recuperation for all heat sources, whose flue gases have a temperature higher than approx 200 °C. Using recuperation it is possible to remove excess exhaust energy of the source up to an outlet temperature of approx. + 120 °C, so the cooled flue gases don't condense. We can use the obtained energy as preheating of combustion air or for air-conditioning heating of the area.

- Application of extraction of gas melting furnaces
- Application of extraction of rotary kilns
- Flue gas recuperation of glass furnaces
- Flue gas recuperation of VOC combustion chambers
- Flue gas recuperation of lacquer lines

Power series of recuperators

- Our smallest heat exchangers are designed for outputs from 100 kW
- Our largest exchangers are designed with outputs of 1700 kW
- You can achieve any output by combining heat exchangers