G&G Patro JET 2-4-2-18

G&G Patro JET 2-4-2-18

Cartridge filter G&G Patro JET is a filtration device designed for suction of dust particles from the welding and grinding process. Depending on the type of dust extracted, the G&G Patro JET model is designed for an extraction capacity of 17 300 m3/h to 20750 m3/h. We will offer you a variant of the filter for explosive dust according to your specific demand.

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Description of cartridge filter

It is a dry, cartridge filter device for dust fractions, equipped with automatic regeneration of the filtering medium by compressed air. Regeneration of the filtring medium takes place cyclically in set time intervals with the possibility of control according to the current pressure loss. The suction power is determined by the fan used according to the type of material and the required load on the filter surface. The load on the filter surface is set at a minimum of 1.0 m3/m2/min for the G&G Patro JET filter. The fan is not part of the filter unit. We manufacture filtration equipment in design for placement in an outdoor environment without the need for a roof. The filtration equipment achieves a high filtration efficiency - at 99.9%, so it is possible to return the filtered air to the production hall. The ratio of air return to the hall space and the outdoor environment is determined by the designer of the technology according to the characteristics of the extracted material and the air conditions of the production facility.

Types of cartridge filter

Cartridge filter units can be ordered separately in the version without a fan, also in the version with an integrated fan and in the version with an acoustic cover of an integrated fan.

Use of cartridge filter

The filtration device is designed for the separation of dust from the extracted air. The filtration system always consists of a specific filtration unit and an appropriate exhaust fan. Cartridge filter G&G Patro JET is designed for air filtration from the process of welding, grinding, painting and other production processes, mainly in the automotive industry. In welding shops, it is necessary to install a sorbent dosing system in front of the filter unit to reduce the stickiness of greasy welding fumes. The filtration device is equipped with filter cartridges made of TI206 material, which contains a layer of the flame-resistant nanofiber. The filtration device can be applied for the extraction of explosive dust. In this case, the filter device is equipped with a relief membrane, which relief the pressure wave to the outdoor environment, or a device for flameless release of the pressure wave into the inner space of the hall. The filtration device has compact dimensions even for high filtration capacities.

Working conditions for G&G - Patro JET

The filtration device is designed for filtration of air with a temperature between -30°C and + 80°C. The filter in basic design is not for explosive dust (can be re-designed with accessories). The service life of the filter cartridges is set in the range of 2000 to 5000 operating hours. Replacing the filter medium takes an experienced service technician a maximum of 1 hour of work.
  • order number G&G Patro JET 2-4-2-18
  • filtration surface 2888 m2
  • air flow 17300 - 20750 m3/h
  • type of filtration medium cartridge filters
  • single element area 18 m2
  • type of regeneration JET system
  • compressed air consumption 12 Nm3 (6 bar) at 15 second interval
  • number of cartridges 16 pcs.
  • material of filter cartridge TI206 nano flame suppresive fiber
  • temperature resistance 150°C
  • waste bin 53 liters
  • design for EX ATEX on demand
  • inlet flange 720 x 295 (mm)
  • output flange 810 x 420 (mm)
  • length - width - height 2336 / 1104 / 3597 (mm)
  • filter weight 841 kg