G&G Jet VAC 300

G&G Jet VAC 300

The filter device is designed for the application of central extraction of sawdust, textile dust and cellulose. Depending on the type of dust extracted, the G&G – JET VAC 300 is designed for an extraction capacity of 36000 m3/h to 54000 m3/h. The filter is equipped with dual vibro-knock regeneration and compressed air

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The G&G JET VAC (Vacuum Filter for Sawdust and Cellulose dust with Compressed Air Regeneration) is designed mainly for the application of sawdust, textile dust and cellulose dust. The specific feature of the G&G JET VAC filter system is its vacuum design. Which means that the fan is located in the outlet pipeline after the filtration unit i. This type of fan has high efficiency. The fan is usually is equipped with speed control via a frequency converter depending on how much is a technology used. The standard version of the filter uses textile antistatic hoses with a diameter of 200 mm. The filter hoses are pushed onto the wire baskets. The filtration device is designed for filtration of explosive types of dust. It is equipped with explosion relief membranes to release the pressure outside the filtering device. The filtration device is equipped with a system of regeneration by compressed air pulses and also by a vibratory-regeneration. The standard supply of filter is with a rotary feeder for dust removal. The filtering device can be placed on a supporting steel structure.

Waste extraction from filtration unit

The waste is removed from the filtration device by a chain conveyor - or a redler. This discharge method avoids the formation of an arch inside the hopper of the filtration device.

Lifespan of filtration medium

The guaranteed service life of the filter hoses is at least 2 to 3 years of filter operation. It is not necessary to clean the filtration medium manually during the operation of the filter unit. We guarantee a long service life of the filtering medium and low replacement costs. The filtering medium consists of a highly mechanically resistant nonwoven fabric in an antistatic design with a surface weight of 500 g/m2. The filter hoses with a diameter of 200 mm are placed vertically in the filter unit using wire baskets. The filter regeneration is located on the clean side of the filter at the top of the filter unit..

Aplications of filtration device

The G&G JET VAC filter unit is used for the most demanding sawdust and fibre dust extraction applications for operations that operate continuously with a minimum of breaks. Extraction power control is usually applied to the filtering device depending on the machine utilization. The filtering device is regenerated by compressed air pulses during operation, and during a break when the fan is switched off with vibratory-regeneration. The filter is suitable for applications where high filtration equipment performance and stable pressure drop.

Working conditions of the filtration unit G&G - JET VAC

The filtration device is designed for filtration of air with the temperature between -30°C and + 80°C in the version without thermal insulation. The filter is designed for explosive dust. Extraction power is determined by the load factor of the filtering surface for each type of dust extracted: Fine wood dust from grinding, sawdust from chipboard machining, sawdust from solid wood machining.
  • order number G&G JET VAC 300
  • filtration surface 300 m2
  • air flow 36000 - 54000 m3/h
  • type of filtering medium filtrating hose D200
  • single element surface 1,56 m2
  • type of regeneration dual regeneration: JET system + vybratory regenation
  • comsumption of compressed air 20 Nm3 (6 bar)
  • number of filtration hoses 192 pcs.
  • material of filtration hoses antistatic
  • disposal of waste chain conveyor
  • design for EX for explosive dust
  • inlet flange 2x650x1000 (mm)
  • output flange 600x1400 (mm)
  • length - width - height 2232 / 7370 / 5936 (mm)
  • filter weight 1385 kg