G&G Flat HOUSE-C flat hose filters with an entrance to the distribution chamber are designed for industrial dedusting applications in foundries and other demanding applications. Welded cabinet, welded pyramid hopper. The filters are used for dedusting of gas and induction melting furnaces, sand management and other specific operations with an input dust concentration of up to 100 g / m3.

Flat filter hoses placed vertically allow to increase the filter area of ​​the unit thanks to smaller gaps between the filter elements. The specificity of these filters is the use of the distribution chamber of the incoming air. The distribution chamber ensures the division of the filtered air stream from below and from the side of the filter hoses. Automatic regeneration with compressed air is more efficient with vertically mounted hoses than with horizontally mounted hoses.

G&G Flat HOUSE-C filter units have an excellent price / performance ratio.

You can find the catalog of G&G Flat HOUSE-C hose filters HERE or by clicking on the button below.

Catalog G&G Flat HOUSE-C