G&G Bag House-A hose filters with access to the hopper are designed for the most demanding industrial dedusting systems. Welded cabinet, welded pyramid hopper. Filters are used for dedusting of large combustion sources, dedusting in cement plants and lime plants for input dust concentrations up to 500 g/m3.

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Catalog G&G Bag HOUSE-A

Description of the filtration device

G&G Bag HOUSE-A are airtight filters, steel construction with round, textile bags. The bag filters are to be designed to separate solid pollutants that are contained in the air and do not form an explosive mixture with the air. The bags filters are divided into 2 parts - a filter casing and a clean gas chamber which contains lids for changing the filter medium.

The housing and the chamber are divided by tubesheets with holes for mounting filter bags, which are fixed by flexible plates and a support basket with an integrated Venturi tube located inside.

For a type A filter units the incoming dirty gas is led directly to the pyramid hopper.

The dust separation is a two-phase process. In the first phase the large and heavy particles are to be separated by changing the direction of air flow in the hopper. In the second phase the rest of the particles are separated on the surface of the filter hoses.

Cleaning - regeneration - of the filter medium is performed by means of short pulses of compressed air and takes place depending on the result of the pressure loss measurement at fixed time intervals or a combination of these variants.

Working conditions

The maximum operating air temperature for G&G Bag HOUSE-A filters is 150 ° C. The filter housing is designed for a vacuum of 5 kPa. Hose filter units can be placed in both outdoor and indoor environments and the electrical installation is in the degree of protection IP 54.