Radial fan AFGG-25_11; 6500 m3/h; 2416 Pa; 7,5 kW

It is a radial medium pressure fan with backward curved blades. The fan rotor is driven directly by mounting the impeller on the shaft of the electric motor. The spiral fan casing is welded, equipped with an inspection opening for the possibility of static and dynamic balancing. The fan is mounted to a fixed frame using vibration compensators. The connection of the exhaust and exhaust piping is solved by means of flexible connections.

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The fan of normal design is designed to transport clean air or air with admixture of fine dust up to a maximum of 20 mg / m3. The most common application of the fan is to install it behind the filter device. The ventilator of the normal design is not intended for the extraction of explosive air, corrosive air, and airborne fibers that may cause sticking to the fan rotor and consequent imbalance.

Working conditions

Direct-driven fans are designed to transport clean air or air with fine dust up to a maximum of 20 mg / m3. The temperature of the conveyed air may be between -20 ° C and 80 ° C. The fan is designed for starting with a frequency converter or soft starter. The parameters Q [m3 / h] and p [Pa] are the fan operating point values. The fan operating curve is given in the technical data sheet.
  • order number AFGG-25_11
  • model of fan GF 450/2-A-I
  • RPM 2 950 r/min
  • air flow 6 500 m3/h
  • pressure loss 2 416 Pa
  • electric power 7,5 kW
  • weight of the fan 107 kg
  • material design standard 11375
  • surface protection lacquered